Monday, March 10, 2014

The Weekend of 3/7/14-3/9/14

                                    The Weekend of 3/7/14-3/9/14

       This weekend I hung out with my caring and loving family and my friends.  On Friday night I went over to my friend Zoe's house and we had another one of are friends come over to.  Her name was Sarah.  We had a very dear and close friend come over and help us out with makeup.  It was really amazing and fun!   We had traveled through the magnificent, humongous, well known store in America....... Walmart!  It was super busy and we were there for an hour and a half just to look for makeup.  We got back to Zoe's house and had learned how to correctly put on eye-shadow,blush and lip gloss.  I was supposed to spend the night but I got home-sick so I was really bummed.  

           The next day I had Zoe come over and hang out.  We went to a park and had to run home because the weather got super bad.  She got sick later that day and had to go home that night. :(     I was really lonely and thought that my life was over.(Not really)  I was then told that i could watch a movie in my parents room while they were at my Aunts house.  I fell asleep but then was awoken by my parents at 12:16 am.  I had to go back to my room and sleep the rest of the night in there. 

           On Sunday, I went to church.  I had so much fun!  My cousin, Alexys, wanted me to hang out and help her family with the basement.  I said, "of coarse I will." and went over there.  We hung out for qt least 2 or 3 hours and went home.  I helped them clean the tiles downstairs(we couldn't use a mop because it would ruin the floor) and boy was I sore.  The day before, two of my cousins had cleaned the tile eight times.  I couldn't believe it.  It was really dirty even after we finished.  My mom, of coarse, went downstairs to check on how things were doing.  

           I guess my friend got me sick because I don't feel so good.  I still had planned to go to school so I wouldn't have anything to catch up on(even though i'm at school right now I feel like poop.) :( And basically that was my weekend.  I was very busy.

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